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Unison RTOS

RoweBots Unison RTOS provides comprehensive Security for MCU, MPU and FPGA Products eliminating Security Risks and Holes.

Internet of Things

RoweBots Unison RTOS offers off the shelf support for a broad set of wireless and wireline protocols along with a broad set of IoT / M2M protocols with full security provisions, which are all necessary for application implementation on microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) processors.

Tiny Footprint

RoweBots offers OEM developers ultra tiny Linux and POSIX compatible embedded or real-time op­erating systems (RTOS). The Unison Embedded Operating System or RTOS is the 32 bit offering and DSPnano RTOS is the 8/16 bit offering.


MODBUS Protocol

MODBUS© is an open serial communication protocol. First published in 1979 to be used with PLCs by Modicon®. MODBUS protocol is a messaging structure used to set master-slave communication between smart devices.

Master slave communication

MODBUS protocol is independent of the phisical layer as it is just a messaging structure.

IoT Protocols

UNISON RTOS has been designed to support a broad set of IoT Protocols. The Internet of Things Protocols include the following:

  • ● HTTPs/REST
  • ● MQTT
  • ● AMQP
  • ● CoAP
  • ● with more on the way

These protocols provide cloud connectivity or connectivity to build larger higher performance distributed systems. With off the shelf protocols for these features, products can be immediately connected to the cloud with scalabilty options and user interaction directly to a local web server or through a large web server. Building IoT products has never been easier with the UNISON IoT Protocols.

You will need the following UNISON packages:

  • ● to support HTTPs/REST - UNISON IPv4/IPv6 Advanced Networking Package, UNISON Webserver IPv4/IPv6 Package, UNISON REST Client Package
  • ● to support MQTT - UNISON MQTT Client Package
  • ● to support AMQP - Azure IoT SDK
  • ● to support CoAP - UNISON CoAP Client Package
  • ● with more on the way


How to make xmas tree


How to make LED-strip Christmas tree


Make your Xmas tree with three lighting effects. It looks stunning in the dark, delights children and will surprise that special person in your life. And it's easy to make.

    You will need :

● A ruler

● Scissors

● A pen with a thread

● Double sided tape

● Three wires

● An LED strip Light WS2812B 60 Pixels per 1M, DC5V, 2 meters

● An STM32 board NUCLEO-F401RE

● A USB battery

● A USB cable Type-A to Mini-B

● A sheet of paper A3 size

● To download file to program the board   Authorazed zip

 See video tutorial:


Rowebots Limited

RoweBots was founded in May 1987 by a group of Univer­sity researchers. From the outset, RoweBots had its roots in real-time multiprocessor software and has broadened into an embedded signal processing systems company today.

+1 (519) 279 4600

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