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Explosion of smart devices development brings MCU to almost all areas of our life. Where you could apply Unison RTOS? Everywhere your imagination drives you to.


The RoweBots products offer technology solutions for MCU, DSC and DSP development of System On A Chip (SOC) deeply embedded applications. From tiny MCUs to distributed, multi-core, multiprocessing systems, the ultra tiny embedded Linux and POSIX compatible offerings of RoweBots provide minimal footprints with industry standard APIs along with hard real-time performance. This section discusses the main application areas for these products.

Broadly speaking, the applications areas are:

  • ● Internet of Things - which really includes all of these areas
  • ● Home Automation and Consumer Products
  • ● Medical Products
  • ● Clean Technology and Energy Efficiency
  • ● Wearables and Low Power Devices
  • ● Military and Aerospace
  • ● Machine to Machine Communications (M2M)
  • ● Mobile Internet of Things
  • ● Manufacturing Automation
  • ● Industrial Internet of Things

Each application has a range of requirements from tiny MCUs to larger distributed processing collections of low cost MCUs. In each area, a range of technology is applied to meet or exceed the demands of the users.

Home Automation and Appliances

Home automation and appliances are changing quickly due to energy costs, smart grid technology, low cost MCU technology, wireless networks and touch panel displays. As people around the world adapt to these new technologies, new design approaches are required in our homes. The UNISON and DSPnano products are ideally suited to making these new products with off the shelf, low cost options to delight OEM developers.

Clean Tech and Smart Grid

As energy costs rise, new approaches are being sought to reduce emissions from carbon based fuels and use our existing energy more efficiently. The combination of MCU technologies, power semiconductor technology and ultra tiny embedded Linux combine to quickly address these issues.

Portable and Low Power Devices

As our electronic solutions become more sophisticated, more and more devices of different kinds are going into the field where low power, light weight and ease of use are important. Intelligent low cost MCUs, coupled with low cost ultra tiny embedded Linux solutions allow OEM developers to cut their time to market while achieving new lows in power consumption and weight.


Military systems range from tiny sniper detection systems through large radar and sonar systems used for advanced sensor management. When critical digital signal processing is needed and our soldier's lives depend upon it, RoweBots products meet the challenges by delivering off the shelf development and embedded software components for high performance, low power and light weight kit.

Machine to Machine Communications (M2M)

From software support for advanced custom processors through very high performance video encoding and decoding, RoweBots tools are up to the challenges. Often communications systems require very tiny solutions to reduce costs for volume implementations & our royalty free open source models are ideal in this case. For larger base station design or H264 solutions, advanced multi-core and multiprocessing solutions meet the challenges head on and deliver solid results.

Machine to Machine Communications (M2M) is also often referred to as the Internet of Things. In this case, many devices are connected together through wireless networks which are in turn connected to the internet. The Internet of Things is one of the major changes in our society today.

Transportation or The Mobile Internet of Things

Off the shelf SoC processors with advanced I/O solutions are the order of the day for most vehicle applications today. Tomorrow, demands for autonomous vehicles will push the requirements for vehicle systems far past anything we have experienced since the invention of the computer. RoweBots modular software solutions with integrated development environments are ideally suited to the lean product development undertaken by the primary and vehicle parts manufacturers.

Manufacturing or The Industrial Internet of Things

Automated manufacturing requires the synchronization and coordination of many axes of motion control among other things. Very low cost MCU technology along with ultra tiny embedded Linux solutions drives down the cost of introducing intelligent control points without the cost of a PLC or PC. A wide variety of connectivity create a wide set of options for machine control.

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Rowebots Limited

RoweBots was founded in May 1987 by a group of Univer­sity researchers. From the outset, RoweBots had its roots in real-time multiprocessor software and has broadened into an embedded signal processing systems company today.

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