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Clean Tech

The UNISON and DSPnano Operating System products make ideal Clean technology platforms. They offer advanced features for tiny microcontrollers which allow products to smart about saving energy, reducing pollution and working smarter.


The range of clean technology applications is:

  • ● Cogeneration Control
  • ● Local To Grid Control
  • ● Intelligent Heating, Lighting and Air Conditioning
  • ● Smart Homes
  • ● Small Scale Generation (wind, solar, water)
  • ● Automobile Energy Recovery and Pollution Reduction
  • ● Intelligent Power Supplies
  • ● Intelligent Lighting Control

Areas of energy generation, particularly those that operate on a small scale can be fully automated using one or two very low cost microcontrollers. Taking this approach, UNISON and DSPnano can be used to save months of development and provide intelligence to maximize the energy savings in small scale generation. Putting power back on the grid at low cost and saving energy everyday as offices and homes reduce unnecessary consumption.

Small savings in intelligent power supplies and LED lighting control also help reduce overall pollution and save energy. One doesn't matter, but in the tens of millions, each small saving adds to the total benefits. Power Supply Control is changing rapidly. Switch mode power supply (SMPS) systems are quickly evolving from analog designs to fully digital, system connected solutions.

This digital migration is being driven by:

  • ● Elimination of expensive magnetics
  • ● New options which were not possible
  • ● Sequenced start and shutdown
  • ● Inexpensive power factor correction
  • ● Power on test and diagnostics
  • ● Peak current detection and shutdown
  • ● And many more...

All of these lead to reduced BOM costs, expanded features and more satisfied customers.

Power Supply Control is fairly complex because you have to provide a digital control loop if you choose to do a fully digital design to achieve the full benefits of the technology.

By greening our environment, UNISON and DSPnano help us reduce our energy consumption, reduce pollution and preserve our environment for the future. Clean technologies help preserve our planet for future generations.

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