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Smart Home

Home Automation and Appliance Control is the generic term applied to the control of household systems to make our environments more comfortable.  The consumer side of the Internet of Things consists of Home Automation; Wearables and Portable Devices; and Transportation/Automobiles with the two other areas discussed in separate pages under applications.  The rest of the Internet of Things is really the Industrial Internet of Things.


Appliance control systems include:

  • smart homeRefridgerators
  • ● Ovens
  • ● Microwaves
  • ● Washers
  • ● Dishwashers
  • ● Clothes Dryers
  • ● Jacuzzi and Pool Pumps
  • ● HVAC Systems
  • ● Lighting Control
  • ● Stove Tops
  • ● Security Systems
  • ● Home Entertainment Devices
  • ● Home Networking
  • ● Home Computers
  • ● Home Health Care Systems

These household systems can be mapped roughly into two classes. The first elements on the list represent devices which must turn a motor, measure temperature, control temperature, provide a user interface, measure sensors and perform other operator or network requested functions. In the future, this will also include power management connected to the power grid.

The second class of items, towards the end of the list, generally need communications, control and user interface functions but don't require motor control the same way. In some cases though, motor control is still required - the case where the lighting control system uses existing lighting and manages shades automatically for example. In either case, there is a great deal of common functionality and therefore common hardware and software. Home Automation and Appliance Control is the sum of all this capability in both hardware and software.

Modern homes are controlled by Home Operating Systems to keep us safe, comfortable and satisfied. As our homes become more automated using advanced hardware and software these Home Operating Systems are growing to support a broad set of features. The systems involved are no longer focused on climate control, rather they offer comprehensive control using networked appliances, power sourcing and generation as well as entertainment systems.

The UNISON ConsumerOS Operating System applications include the following:

  • ● Heating and Air Conditioning
  • ● Lighting Control
  • ● Power Management and Control
  • ● Security Systems
  • ● Remote Monitoring and Control
  • ● CIntelligent Green Appliances
  • ● Convenience Automation
  • ● Gaming and Entertainment Subsystems
  • ● Home Health Care Systems

Home Operating Systems offer the ability to control your heating systems and air conditioning systems from anywhere in your home. With options for portable controls and wireless operation along with zone control and energy savings, heating and cooling systems offer modern convenience without significant costs.

Llighting control for a broad set of applications is an ideal application for the UNISON or DSPnano operating system. This applies to a broad set of light sources as well including:

  • ● LED lighting
  • ● Florescent
  • ● Incandesant
  • ● Halogen

The most interesting of these choices is LED lighting because of the subtantial savings in energy that are created. Often these new lighting systems are integrated with a variety of networking software including:

  • ● IPV6 and 6loWPAN
  • ● Zigbee
  • ● 802.15.4 low cost alternatives

By integrating low power wireless systems into a lighting system there is a number of benefits. For example, light switches become movable to any location. Fewer wires are required and installation costs are much lower. A variety of protocols can be used for lighting control of this type.

Using PWM and a small collection of analog components a broad set of light types may be lit. LED lighting control is a good example. By using three different light sources and three PWM outputs and ideal color balance may be achieved. The LED lighting circuits for these three different colors are really just constant voltage output devices with precision voltage control (for patent reasons).

For more details on Lighting control contact us or see the white papers section of the web site.

Home lighting control is starting to become a fixture on high end homes. It offers remote control, programmed behavior and subtle effects with minimum power consumption using LED sources. Home Operating Systems integrate this lighting into the entire environment.

Power and energy management will become a major part of every home in the future. The ability to use an inexpensive Home Operating System and electronics to reduce our overall energy bills and to supply our own energy to the grid to further reduce costs has great cost/benefit utility.

Security Systems are in many homes today. Home Operating Systems offer the ability to make them more robust and reliable while increasing convenience. Integrated with this is remote monitoring and control. The Home Operating System makes all of this affordable and convenient.

Intelligent Green Appliances allow us to put touch screens on our walls to control appliances in another part of the home. It will support power management to minimize grid power draws and reduce infrastructure costs lower taxes and energy costs. This is accomplished with intelligent Home Operating System networking and control.

Convenience Automation is important in our society. From wireless touch panels to heating, lighting and air conditioning through blind and programming control, people enjoy automation.

Gaming and Entertainment Subsystems dominate entire rooms in our homes today. It is an integral part of our lifestyle and Home Operating Systems make their interoperability and networking fast and easy. Console, handheld and portable games are also based on Home Operating Systems.

Home Health Care Systems also require a home operating system. They can control a large set of home medical sysetms from lift systems, robotic assistants, clinical home records systems, Continua based medical devices, massage tables and much more. By using a home operating system and microcontroller technology, the cost of these systems can be minimized.

Home automation and Appliance control systems are a growth area today and promise greater convenience, comfort, entertainment as well as improved healh for families.

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