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Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a subset of the Internet of Things for government and business implementation of manufacturing, infrastructure monitoring and control, transportation systems, energy management, communication systems and much more. UNISON has strong support for these applications. IIoT generally uses more traditional networking and communications approaches merged with more modern TCP based solutions.

From an applications point of view, the IIoT is broken down as follows:

  • ● Manufacturing
  • ● Energy and Lighting
  • ● Transportation or Mobile Internet of Things
  • ● Infrastructure and Building Automation
  • ● Military and Aerospace

The details associated with each of these application areas are found in on the applications menu.

In terms of UNISON RTOS support for IioT, there is many of these more traditional automation protocols. RoweBots support for the leading protocols is in development or production and is considering other protocols for the future. Contact us for specific release dates and features for these leading protocols.

  • ● Modcomp serial
  • ● Modcomp ethernet
  • ● Ethernet/IP
  • ● MTConnect
  • ● WiFi
  • ● WiFi mesh
  • ● 6loWPAN
  • ● Bluetooth Classic and BLE
  • ● CAN

Many of these protocols use RoweBots existing TCP/IPv4/v6 stack and add new features. For example, Modcomp ethernet, Ethernet/IP, MTConnect, WiFi, WiFi mesh and 6loWPAN all use some form of IPv4/IPv6 for the network and transport features of the network.

All of these protocols are used to communicate and message between industrial machines or industrial machines and human interfaces. For example, Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) would typically be used to communicate between some phone or tablet and a machine in close proximity on the factory floor. CAN is extensively used in vehicles. WiFi and WiFi mesh are emerging as the wireless solution on the factory floor.

Note that all of these protocols connect machines. Once this connection is made, particularly for the IPv4/v6 protocols, many other IoT based protocols come into play to actually solve the rest of the problem. These protocols include:


  • ● light client
  • ● http based
  • ● security options
  • ● used for CNC machines
  • ● ideal for modernization of older unconnected equipment


  • ● very light client
  • ● security of a unique nature
  • ● special server required
  • ● requires additional protocols for publish/subscribe operation
  • ● UDP based
  • ● 6loWPAN used with 802.15.4 radio


  • ● Publish/Subscribe implementation
  • ● Read/Write support
  • ● TCP based
  • ● IBM supported
  • ● small efficient client (3.5K Flash, 128 bytes RAM)


  • ● simple implementation
  • ● standard port 80
  • ● favored by IT deparatments

Odata / Azure IoT

  • ● used to encapsulate xml documents
  • ● HTTP/RESTFUL integration for document passing
  • ● JSON and BSON often used
  • ● Websphere and Azure support


  • ● secure
  • ● easy to use
  • ● not widely supported yet


  • ● good for high bandwidth systems
  • ● requires significant memory resources
  • ● best for shared memory systems

Any of these high level protocols could be used in industrial systems on top of existing traditional protocols or custom protocols depending on the level of service offered. For more details on RoweBots' IIoT offerings please contact the factory.

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