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Mobile Internet of Things

The Mobile Internet of Things is all about automation of transportation systems and sub-components, connecting them to the cloud and improving usability, automation and safety.  The UNISON RTOS VehicleOS package was created to deal with the precise set of challenges in these areas.  VehicleOS provides MCU, MPU, FPGA, DSC and DSP software solutions which play an important part in a variety of transportation systems and vehicles. This broad set of applications requires a range of connectivity, user interaction and signal processing technologies with lean product development support.


The Mobile Internet of Things consists of several segments which overlap with the Consumer Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of things. For example, automobiles are really consumer items although they are purchased for business as well. Light trucks can be considered as either consumer items or industrial items while heavy trucks are industrial items.

Other areas of the Mobile Internet of Things include various types of transportation which fly, float, submerge, orbit and travel over land. All of these devices are intelligent today, offering autopilots, autonomous driving, driver assistance and a broad set of safety features. As Mobile Internet of Things devices, they are connected to the cloud, generally using either satellite, UHF or mobile phone technologies and are moving towards complete remote monitoring and management. With this type of connection, generally these devices have historically been considered Machine to Machine communications devices.

For this broad set of applications, the UNISON RTOS has been packaged into VehicleOS. This packaging of the UNISON OS is intended to provide all the features necessary to develop these applications without cobbling together a collection of other software components. VehicleOS reduces risk and time to market while minimizing total cost of ownership using this approach.

Today, automobiles require over one hundred processors, many of them either microcontrollers (MCUs), microprocessors (MPUs), digital signal processors (DSPs) or digital signal controllers (DSCs). The level of sophistication of these systems is extreme, with timing varied to maximize fuel efficiency in a broad set of circumstances and also maximize performance. Modern cars have noise elimination systems which sample noise sources and use adaptive processing and transducers to reduce them to near zero. Other features of cars are also extremely automated including steering, braking, climate control and suspension. The UNISON RTOS VehicleOS package provides all the components necessary to automate these features.

Price demands on automobile manufacturers, which in turn are passed on to their suppliers, and again to their suppliers, make automobile parts manufacture a demanding and very competitive business. UNISON RTOS VehicleOS is up to this challenge offering royalty free, open source licensing which is unsurpassed in the industry. Further savings gleaned through integrated development environments and off the shelf algorithms and I/O make advanced DSP solutions in automobile and trucking systems practical today.

Commercial truck operation is a a transportation system where high value assets are moved around in a time critical way. Not only do the truck and trailer require automation and tracking but there needs to be a sophisticated management system in place to ensure customer satisfaction. VehicleOS is ideally suited to these type of applications. It offers machine to machine communications solutions, GPS support, real-time video and graphics, low cost hardware options, sensor network monitoring, CAN integration and much more.

Although package sorting is not a transportation device itself, it is an integral part of transportation systems for package transportation companies. Fast package sorting is a key component of their systems and it relies heavily on signal processing for fast capture and routing of packages. Again, UNISON RTOS has been used very successfully for these applications and VehicleOS has the requisite components for complete transportation system or Mobile Internet of Things application development.

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