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Supported Hardware

The UNISON RTOS and its various packaged derivatives: WearableOS, VehicleOS, MedicalOS, and ConsumerOS, run on a variety of MCUs, MPUs and FPGAs which we define here as the supported hardware. These various UNISON packages operate seamlessly together; however, sometimes there is prerequisites. For example, to run a web server you do need a TCP stack. These prerequisites are few but you do have to understand the limitations.

Supported hardware means supported target processor along with a host computer with a defined operating system and a defined integrated development environment from the Remedy IDE set. Without these additional specifications and tools, as a user, you have a complete, ready to run, off the shelf environment with off the shelf evaluation hardware to run over 120 examples.

Please, see the following table:


violet circle - any dot means that the Manufacturer/IDE is off the shelf. Other options are possible - please contact the factory.


yellow circle - any dot means that the Manufacturer/IDE is under development. Please contact the factory.


    IDE Windows OS IDE Linux OS
    IAR HEW e2Studio Sourcery CodeBench ARM MPLAB MPLABX Code Composer Studio Soft Console Xilinx SDK Keil MDK ARM Thunder Bench SW4STM32 KDS Sourcery CodeBench ARM
Texas Instruments Cortex-A8 (OMAP3)            

violet circle


violet circle



violet circle



violet circle


violet circle

 MicroSemi  Cortex-M3 (Smart Fusion)              

violet circle

 NXP  Cortex-M3

violet circle

Microchip dsPIC        

violet circle


violet circle


violet circle

violet circle


violet circle

Renesas  M16C  

violet circle


violet circle


violet circle

violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle



ST Partner Program Label Authorized Partner Horizotal

 Cortex-M3/M4 (STM32)

violet circle


violet circle


violet circle


violet circle

 Xilinx  MicroBlaze                

violet circle

 Spansion  CortexM3

violet circle

Freescale Cortex-M0/M4/M4F (Kinetis)                        

violet circle

Cortex-A9 (iMX6)                    

violet circle



The list of supported processors, host operating systems and IDEs is, in no particular order:


Renesas RX, SH2A, R8, M16C, R32C, RZ

Texas Instruments Tiva, OMAP, DaVinci, Sitara

ST Microelectronics STM32 Family, M0, M3, M4, M7 and PowerPC 

Microchip Pic24, dsPic, Pic32

Freescale / NXP  LPC 1700 (17XX), 1800 (18XX), Kinetis, iMX6

Cypress/Spansion M9xxx

Microsemi Smartfusion 1, Smartfusion 2, Softconsole

Xilinx Microblaze

IDE Options – All IDE options work with the Remedy OS Viewer and Remedy RED

Emprog Eclipse

IAR (IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM -  EWARM)

IAR for RX64N

Keil RealView

MPLAB for Pic24, dsPic and PIC32



e2 Studio Eclipse

Code Composer Studio Eclipse

Mentor Sourcery Codebench Eclipse

KDS Eclipse

Xilinx Eclipse (Zynq, ISE Design Suite)

Microsemi Eclipse

Host Operating Systems

Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

Linux 2.6

In terms of the specific

  • UNISON OS modules available with a specific version number;

  • IDEs with a specific version number;

  • Processor or part number;

  • and Host OS with patches;

please request the table which provides this detailed information as you discuss this with your sales representative. This detailed supported hardware list will ensure that your products will be delivered in a timely and correct fashion.   

  • ARM Cortex M ST STM32 - one of the Cortex Mx family


    Here a demonstration of these features using USB embedded host, WiFi and a smart phone using the Rx62 hardware is shown.


    TI DaVinci Media MPU


    Xilinx MicroBlaze



    ARM A8/A9 - TI Sitara

    Texas Instruments ARM Cortex A8/Cortex A9 -TI support with the ultra tiny embedded Linux and POSIX compatible UNISON Operating System has been released. It offers the full set of features of UNISON V4 and V5 off the shelf as well as advanced display and camera servers for UNISON v5.2.


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