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Microchip was the first microcontroller vendor that the current Unson RTOS was developed for.  Starting with dsPic and then PIC32, Unison was the first RTOS with extensive peripheral support for Microchip products.

Working together since 2007, RoweBots offerings on the current line of Microchip products are extensive.  All libraries are supported on the PIC32 with a subset library supported on the dsPIC and the pic24.  No smaller versions of the pic line of processors are supported.

Microchip has offered the MPLAB and MPLABX line of IDEs for their processors and these are free for developers.  For this reason, this is the only IDE which is supported for PIC processors.  

The recommended approach for using the Unison RTOS with Microchip products is to build a prototype with their evaluation hardware.  Unison RTOS comes out of the box ready to run on this hardware with a full set of features and over 120 demonstration programs.  This prototype can then be used for developing the application software while the hardware is developed in parallel.   The modular nature of the Unison RTOS and the chip support (as opposed to board support) approach used, ensures that the Unison RTOS can be quickly adapted to your specific hardware using any supported peripheral modules (Bluetooth, WiFi, Flash, ...) that you would like to use.

The Unison RTOS for Microchip products is vendor independent in the sense that you can integrate any desired modules and have the support that you need.  With all the software libraries available for customization, you can use any module that you choose.  The Bluetooth can come from Dialog, the 802.15.4 radio from TI and the Flash can come from Cypress/Spansion and it will all integrate seamlessly together.  

The current evaluation hardware supported out of the box for Microchip is detailed in the following table.  Of course, any other modules that Unison RTOS supports can be added quite easily to this list due to the nature of Unison's design.

Board MCU Ethernet Wi-Fi Bluetooth 6LoWPAN USB Modules Flash
Explorer16 with extansions boards PIC24FJ128GA010, PIC24FJ256GB110, PIC32MX795F512L, PIC32MX360F512L, ds PIC33F3FJ256GP710 - MRF24WG0MA - MRF24J40 - Ethernet PICtail Plus Daughter Board (ENC28J60),
PICtail Board for SD & MMC, Speech Playback PICtail Plus Daughter Board, USB PICtail Plus Daughter BoardEthernet PICtail Plus Daughter Board (ENC28J60),
PICtail Board for SD & MMC, Speech Playback PICtail Plus Daughter Board, USB PICtail Plus Daughter Board
PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit PIC32MX795F512L DP83848 - PAN1315 - PIC32MX440F512H Starter Kit I/O Expansion board -
Pic32ECSK (Pic32MZ) board PIC32MZ2048ECM144 - - - - - LAN8740 PHY Daughter Board (LAN8740-EN) SST26VF032-80-5I-S2AE

The PIC32MZ with the Unison RTOS is very high performance and offers many features that are ideal for Internet of Things applications.  With out of the box connections to the cloud using a variety of protocols, full wireless support and a wide selection of other features, Unison RTOS has what you need.  Ideally suited to the consumer market in the ConsumerOS packaging or medical products in the MedicalOS packaging, Unison with PIC32 offers superb price performance.

Try Unison RTOS on the MIcrochip PIC32 with over 120 demos contact us.

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