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Microsemi offers an ARM Cortex M line with integrated FPGA support.  The Microsemi microcontroller line is deal for sensor based signal processing applications among others as it supports hardware signal processing from sensors along with communications support.  A full complement of Unison features are available for this set of parts.

 Microsemi offers the GCC and Eclipse based IDE - Softconsole.  It is fully supported with the Unison RTOS and the Remedy tools including the following features: 

  • GCC build, link and librarian
  • Eclipse debugging and flashing 
  • Remedy OS Viewer integration
  • Remedy Real-time Event and Data analyzer (Remedy RED) 
  • Secure bootloader integration

Unison RTOS offers a full complement of features for OEM product development and it is supported in all the various packaging options, ConsumerOS, MedicalOS, VehicleOS and WearalbleOS.  

The suggested approach for OEM product development is to develop the software in parallel with the mechanical and hardware development.  Using the evaluation hardware listed below and off the shelf Unison offering for other hardware modules, a prototype can be developed   This prototype can be used for complete system development including integration with the cloud.  

The paralllel development of the hardware can proceed and feedback from both streams can dynamically alter the development.  Rapid convergence on the correct OEM product is the result with minimum time, risk and cost a result.


Vendor Board MCU Ethernet Flash
MicroSemi (Actel) A2F Evaluation Kit A2F200M3F-FGG484 DP83848C AT25DF641-MWH-T
M2S Starter Kit A2F200M3F-FGG484 VM99AB-DP83848VV-VBC AT25DF641-MWH-0820

Please contact the factory for more details on the Microsemi Unison tools and features.


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