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NXP / Freescale

Freescale and NXP are merging so this page is for the combined comany currently called Freescale / NXP.  The hardware support is detailed separately for each company until the merger is completed.

The Unison RTOS is fully supported on both Freescale and NXP microcontrollers and microprocessors.  If you don't see what you need in the tables below, please ask.  We are very receptive to new projects which help both us and our trusted partners.

Unison comes with complete IDE and tool support for Freescale / NXP hardware.  In short, this means support for the following tools and IDEs:

  • KDS for Kinetis
  • Emprog for Kinetis and iMX6
  • IAR 
  • Remedy OS Viewer for these IDEs
  • Remedy Real-Time Event and Data analyzer (Remedy RED)

The proposed approach to developing OEM projects using Unison RTOS with the Freescale and NXP hardware involves two parallel activities.  First, the evaluation hardware listed below can be used in conjunction with the supported Unison modules to emulate the final system.  This can be complete with wireless options, ethernet, cloud connection protocols, CAN, camera input and video display, other buses, graphics, database software and more.  Using these off the shelf components or purpose developed components, the system can be used to develop the application software.

In parallel with the system prototype and the software development, the mechanical and hardware development can take place.  This allows the entire system to be developed in parallel, minimizing time to market, minimizing risk and minimizing total costs.    

For this dual stream approach, off the shelf hardware from Freescale and NXP is required.  Unison is broadly ported to these modules and the list of  Freescale evaluation hardware and NXP hardware appears in the following two tables.

Freescale Evaluation Hardware

Board MCU Ethernet Wi-Fi Bluetooth USB Modules
TWR-K20D72M MK20DX256VLL7 - - - - -
RIOT-board (with imx6) IMX6S5DVM10AB AR8035 - - FE1.1 -
FRDM-K64F MK64FN1M0VLL12 KSZ8081RNA - - - -
VAR-DVK-MX6_V2 MCIMX6S5EVM10AC - RPS 9113 RPS 9113 - VAR-ECT-CB402(OV5640 Camera), AT070TN83 (Display), VAR-SOM-SOLO (Nand: MT29F2G16AABWD, PHY: KSZ9031RNXCA, EMMC: MTFC2G), 183x WiFi/BT

NXP Evaluation Hardware

Board MCU Ethernet USB
Keil-MCB1700 LPC1768 DP83848CVV ISP1301
IAR-LPC1788 sk LPC1788 - -

As previously mentioned, a broad set of modules can be used to complement this hardware.  Relalistically speaking, almost all OEM products have components from multiple manufacturers and Unison offers a hardware agnostic platform based on open standards to integrate these disparate components.   Components and applications from other Unison releases can be readily included saving significant time to market, reducing risk and reducing costs.

For more details on Freescale / NXP support with the Unison RTOS please contact us.


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