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Redpine Signals

RedPine Signals is a semi-conductor company which has developed WiFi, Bluetooth (classic and LE/Smart/SmartReady) and 802.15.4 radio chips for general use for embedded systems.  RoweBots Unison RTOS has worked with RedPine Signals for the past six years, providing embedded Wireless support in various configurations.

Support for the RPS 9110 and 9113 are provided by RoweBots for a variety of systems.  Primarily these have been WiFi based systems.  The optional Bluetooth (mixed) and 802.15.4 support allow additional wireless capabilities using the same module.  Given that Unison offers support for all three protocols with the 802.15.4 radio being used for 6loWPAN,  the Unison RTOS is ideally suited for use with RedPine Signals radio modules.  

RedPine Signals WiFi support is implemented on two different ways depending on the approach the user wants to take and the required performance.  Using a larger microcontroller, the WiFi supplicant can be moved from the wireless module to the microcontroller.  Doing this makes the resources for the radio module more plentiful with larger buffers available and more processing cycles to handle more packets.  This gives the users two choices: lower performance WiFi with on module security or higher performance with on microcontroller security.

For more details on the support for RedPine Signals radio modules, please contact the factory.


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