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Renesas has the largest market share in the world for microcontroller shipments in terms of units. As Unison RTOS is intended for use with microcontrolelrs (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) Renesas and RoweBots are natural partners.  We work together on a variety of platforms to deliver world class solutions to develop OEM products quickly, easily and efficiently, minimizing time to market, risk, and life cycle costs.

 Here is a demonstration of a concussion management system prototype. Intended to address the risks young athletes take practicing or playing several architectural options are available. A football focused solution utilizes a Renesas RZ/A1 for the wireless gateways on the sidelines and an RX63 for the head mounted sensor. Both the RZ and RX run the Unison RTOS with various protocol stacks, file systems and HMI libraries. The first implementation of the prototype took 45 calendar days to realize with the upgraded demonstration taking another 15 person days. Commercial production by a sports company will follow shortly. This rapid development was only possible due to the close integration of the Unison RTOS with the Renesas MCUs.


RoweBots and Renesas have a new approach which ensures that the complete spectrum of peripheral devices in an MCU or MPU are supported.  Taking this approach, we ensure that prototypes built with Renesas microcontrollers,  microprocessors and evaluation hardware will be complete and suitable for minimizing time to market, risk and costs.  For example, the new Renesas RZ offering of Unison RTOS has QT as a graphics package on the standard Renesas evaluation platform for RZ, a platform designed for HMI.

The recommended approach using Unison RTOS and Renesas MCUs and MPUs is to first prototype a solution using off the shelf hardware where possible and prove the system on a benchtop in parallel to the development of custom hardware.  Using this approach, many difficulties can be eliminated in both the hardware and software solutions.   For example, it may create a need to switch a wireless module due to space constraints (hardware issue) which will in turn create a software issue which can be addresses before the final port to the hardware. 

Here a demonstration of USB embedded host, WiFi and a smart phone using the Rx62 hardware is shown.

The Renesas boards and modules with the processors are listed in the following table.  This is not a complete list of the supported hardware and other boards and solutions can be easily made available.  Unison RTOS is completely modular and has chip level support.  For this reason it is highly configurable to a wide set of hardware very quickly and easily.  Please contact us for details.

Board MCU Ethernet Wi-Fi Flash
 RSK RX111 RX111  -  -  -
 RSK RX210  RX200  -  -  -
RSK RX231 RX231      
 YRDKRX62N  RX62N  DP83640  RS-9110-N-11-22  -
 YRDKRX63N  RX63N  DP83620 RS-9110-N-11-22 -
 RSK RX64M  RX64M uPD60620  - MX25L3235EM21-10G
 RSK RZA1  RZA1  -  -  -
 YLCDRZA1H  RZA1  -  -  -


Board MCU Ethernet Wi-Fi Flash
 R8/C25 Starter Kit R8   -  - -
M16C/26A Starter Kit  M16C -  -  -
 M16C/62P Starter Kit  M16C  -  -  -
 RSK2R32C111  R32C  -  -  -
 RSK 2SH7286F  SH7286  -  -  -
 RSK SH7203  SH7203  LAN9118-MT  - S29GL032A11TFIR23
 RSK SH7216  SH7216  RTL8201CP  -  -


Note: This table includes some wireless modules but any wireless modules currently supported by RoweBots could be easily ported to these microcontrolelrs and micoprocessors and the associated hardware platoform.

As with other vendors, RoweBots supports Renesas's preferred IDE platforms and others of an industry standard nature or of strategic value.  The following are the preferred IDEs for the Renesas platforms: 


● e2Studio


It is also possible to get support on other ARM IDEs if required.  Please contact us for details of these options.

The full range of Unison RTOS features are available on Renesas hardware.  From low level SD/MMC file systems to QT graphics on high end microprocessors through WiFi, Bluetooth, 6loWPAN and database support, Unison RTOS delivers it all off the shelf with Renesas.

Call for an evaluation on Renesas hardware today.


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