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STM32Cube Product Icon      DOWNLOAD UNISON Software Expansion for STM32Cube here 


As  a leader in the microcontroller market and semi-conductor market in general, ST has a superb line of products using the ARM Cortex architectures.  This line is supported with the Unison RTOS for M0, M3, M4, and M7.


ST offers several lines of products targeted at different uses.  For example, there is a low power STM32L which targets low cost wearalbe applications that Unison supports.  All of the STM32 lines are supported by Unison RTOS.

We have support for virtually all features of Unison RTOS using STM32 families.  In particular, wireless gateways are fully supported with WiFi, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Smart/Smartready, and 6loWPAN all working on the STM3240G evaluation hardware.

RoweBots offers off the shelf support for a broad set of ST evaluation hardware but is not limited to this set.  By offering chip support packages with modular software to address specific features, the Unison RTOS provides the capability to quickly and easily adapt to any ST part offering in the STM32 families.   Using this capability, you (or RoweBots) can quickly adapt to your specific ST hardware to provide a complete opearting system.  Remember, custom offerings are part of our services and we would be happy to make sure you get up and going immediately on your hardware.

The following table shows the current offerings that are fully functional and tested.

rd MCU Ethernet Wi-Fi Bluetooth 6LoWPAN USB Flash
STM3210C-eval STM32F107VCT DP83848CVV - - - -
STM3210E-eval STM32F103ZGT6 - - - - NAND51 2W3A2CN6E, NAND51 2W3A2BN6E
STM32L152-eval STM2L152VBT6 - - - - -
STM3220G-eval STM32F207IGH6 DP83848CVV RS-9110-N-11-22 PAN1315 MRF24J40 ISP1705AET -
STM3240G-eval STM32F407IGH6 DP83848CVV RS-9110-N-11-22 PAN1315 MRF24J40 ISP1705AET -


In addition, we have a variety of discovery boards and netrino boards which we can provide evaluation software for that are not in this list.  We also have the STM32 F7 Discovery board waiting for testing.  Please contact us if you require support on any of this hardware.

From the above table, you can see that we offer multi-vendor support which is really essential today.  We integrate WiFi chips from RedPine Signals with Panasonic Bluetooth modules and Microchip 802.15.4 radios to provide a complete solution not available from a single vendor.  It is this type of support that makes the Unison RTOS idea for applications, becuase you can direclty support the components in your system without having the risk of in house integration.

When supporting vendor's hardware we always do the following: 

  • Support the recommended or in house IDE specified by the vendor.
  • Support any other ubiquitous IDE for that market segment, 
  • Support other IDEs based on customer demand.

In the case of ST, the IDE choices are: IAR - widely used, Mentor - historical solution, and Keil or Emprog on an as required basis.  We will also consider other IDEs if required to fit a specific customer development environment.

Try an ST Microelectronics release of the Unison RTOS today.

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