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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has been a long time customer of RoweBots pre-dating the ARM Cortex M acquisition many years ago.  Since this time, RoweBots and Texas Instruments have worked closely together developing high quality products to support the microcontroller and microprocessor lines based on ARM Cortex offerings from ARM.  The goal of these offerings is to reduce time to market, minimize risk, and minimize total cost of ownership.  

The recommended approach using the Unison RTOS and Texas Instruments microcontrollers, microprocessors, evaluation hardware and modules is to utilize an evaluation platform to prototype your final design.  You can easily add wireless modules or other hardware elements with the rich pin connections offered and then prove this design, even developing the core application in parallel with the final hardware offering.   With this approach, development is fast, easy and low risk while minimizing investment.

RoweBots even offers a reference designs based on this approach.  Using off the shelf launchpad modules and the Unison RTOS, RoweBots offers a smart watch which has an extensive set of sensors and is completely integrated into both Bluetooth and broader networking protocols such as MQTT.  Using this design,  respinning hardware and repackaging for commercial purposes, you can further develop the Unison WearableOS application into a cutting edge smart watch in a few short months. 

The main lines that Unison RTOS supports with Texas Instruments are: 

  • Tiva - ARM Cortex M series microcontrollers
  • Picollo - ARM Cortex M series microcontrollers with an additional DSP
  • Sitara line - ARM Cortex A series microprocessors

The following table lists the Texas Instruments harware supported by the Unison RTOS out of the box for purpose of evaluation.  It comes with step by step instructions as well as 120+ demonstration examples.  Note that this list does not include system on module offerings (SOMs) developed with the Sitara parts.

Vendor Board MCU Ethernet Wi-Fi Bluetooth USB Modules Flash
Texas Instruments EK-LM3S9B92 LM3S9B92 - - - - - -
DK-LM3S9B96 LM3S9B96 - - - - - -
EK-LM3S3748 LM3S3748 - - - - - -
EK-LM3S6965 LM3S6965 - - - - - -
Zoom OMAP35x DK OMAP3530 LAN9221-ABZJ UF1050A-IC-E BRF6300CZSLR ISP1760ET - PC28F640P30B85
BeagleBone (CortexA8) AM3359 LAN8710A - - - - -
EK-LM4F232 eval LM4F232H5QD - - - - Chipcon Wireless
Evaluation ModuleChipcon Wireless
Evaluation Module
EK-TM4C123GXL TM4C123GH6PMI - - - - Tiva C SmartWatch BoostPack (LCD controller: SSD2805, Bluetooth: 193845/02) -
EK-TM4C1294XL TM4C1294NCPDT - - - - Tiva C SmartWatch BoostPack (LCD controller: SSD2805, Bluetooth: 193845/02), Sensor Hub BoosterPack (9-axis Motion Sensor: MPU-9150, Pressure Sensor: BMP180, Temp Sensor: TMP006, Humidity Sensor: SHT21, Light Sensor: ISL29023), Fuel Tank BoosterPack -
DK-TM4C129x board TM4C129XNCZAD - - - - - MX66L51235FZ2I-10G

This evaluation hardware in conjuction with the Unison RTOS can be combined with a broad set of other vendor hardware to develop prototype systems.  Due to the modular nature of the Unison RTOS, it is fast and easy to take support from other environments and port to this prototype hardware opening up the environment to any supported ancilary modules such as 6loWPAN, WiFi, Bluetooth and others.  It is a truly vendor independent solution in this way, and we all realize that most systems come from around the globe - not solely from one vendor.

In keeping with the RoweBots philosphy to support the preferred IDEs and industry standard IDEs the following set is available for Texas Instruments microcontrollers and microprocessors.

  • Code Composer Studio
  • IAR
  • Keil
  • Mentor
  • Emprog - please consult us for support for this IDE

Additional libraries are available within Unison RTOS which may not yet be ported to all Texas Instruments hardware.  In general, we will support all Unison RTOS features on Texas Instruments hardware so please contact us for details of supported elements.

Helping the Blind See with ARM A8/A9 - TI Sitara

Texas Instruments ARM Cortex A8/Cortex A9 -TI support with the ultra tiny embedded Linux and POSIX compatible Unison Operating System has been released. It offers the full set of features of Unison V5 off the shelf as well as advanced display and camera servers for Unison v5.2.



Please contact us for current details on the Unison RTOS for Texas Instruments and a full list of all features available.


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