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Consumer and Home Internet of Things

When most people think about the Internet of Things, it is these devices that come to mind first because  the surround us, make our lives simpler, keep us comfortable and keep us safe.  The unique characteristics of this segment are really determined by the same factors.

Today there is many devices which surround us trying to make life simpler, more convenient and better in some way.   Some examples of this are:

  • ● home lighting controls
  • ● remote household monitors
  • ● advanced HVAC systems that save 20% of your energy bill
  • ● and home entertainment systems.

Often these devices use wireless capabilities to meet our needs with wireless headsets, smart phones, wireless sensors, and home routers.   These wireless capabilities have really enabled the Consumer and Home Internet of Things (CHIoT) in the home by providing portability, instant connections and remote controls.

UNISON OS with its ConsumerOS packaging offers all the components necessary to build advanced wireless systems for the home.  It includes WiFi, Bluetooth – both Classic and BLE, and 6loWPAN with 802.15.4 radios.   GPRS and LTE are also options.   All of this is supported by advanced security features and higher level protocols to ensure that the devices can be connected, active and safe.

Another major factor in the consumer and home device space is the number of users.  In the past, one million devices was rare and yet in the consumer space today, tens of millions of devices are sold of a single type.  What this means for the applications that enable these devices is that they must scale to tens of millions of users and more to continue to be useful.

To allow for scaling of devices, UNISON OS with ConsumerOS offers specific Consumer and Home Internet of Things (CHIoT) protocols to support this scaling.  For example, MQTT is used to connect millions of devices with millions of users using a publish subscribe feature along with message read and write.  

Other similar protocols use the same type of capabilities to provide for scaling and disconnected services.  In this way, users can log into a server to both publish and subscribe to messages from their watch on their wrist, which is also publishing messages to the server and subscribing to messages from the user or the user's phone or home.  Alterntatives like Azure IoT, http://REST and CoAP are also available.

Because  OEM developer needs are broad, UNISON RTOS with ConsumerOS offers all the generally used protocols for CHIoT.  In this way, various devices can be interoperable if the OEM decides to support this with minimal investment.

Consumer devices are all about simplicity.  Ease of use is one of the biggest reasons for a device to be successful.  The UNISON RTOS and ConsumerOS  is all about simplicity to ensure design is fast and easy, costs are low and quality is high.  This in turn allows users to focus on developing the right features and simplifying them for the end user of the device.  With a broad set of modules and off the shelf support for your favorite MCU or MPU, ConsumerOS ensures that you can focus all efforts on delivering the best possible design.

Successful devices are also devices that are innovative.  UNISON RTOS and ConsumerOS provides all Consumer and Home Internet of Things (CHIoT) features you might need out of the box with documentation, device drivers, support and even applications and hardware assistance should you need it.  With an easy to use, nearly complete working platform you can try things quickly and get results quickly too.   Its easy to innovate when alternate solutions are fast and easy to assemble and you can get whatever help you need easily.

The broader package of UNISON RTOS called ConsumerOS has other subsets focused on very specific applications.  One subset is the WearableOS partition of the UNISON OS.  For the most part, wearable devices are consumer devices and yet more specialized in some ways.  See the WearableOS page for details.

For your next prototype, get the Consumer OS version of the UNISON RTOS free.

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