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Remedy Bootloader

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The Remedy Bootloader works in conjunction with the various downloading options to allow a new program to be remotely installed in the target system. The steps that the user should follow are:

  • ● transfer a new srecord or hex file to the remote system
  • ● decrypt the image if it has been encrypted
  • ● make the program the new bootable image
  • ● ensure that the backup image (if any) is setup for contingency purposes
  • ● reboot the system


The reboot phase will flash or copy the program into execution memory and transfer control to the new program. If the new program fails, then the program will generally revert to the backup program and program this image. This approach is used to ensure that field service or product return is avoided at all costs.

The Remedy Bootloader uses images downloaded in either hex format or s-record format. These formats are used because they are commonly supported by a variety of IDEs and by using these formats, proprietary formats are avoided. The loss of efficiency of not having a true binary image isn't insigificant in boot time and in extra storage space taken.

The Remedy Bootloader also has an encyrption option. This encryption option allows images to be downloaded in encrypted form and prevents reverse engineering of the images.

The Remedy Bootloader has an automatic fall back option. This ensures that a downloaded image cannot disable the system because it will augotmatically revert to the previous image if the downloaded image fails to properly boot. This approach ensures more robust field service and can eliminate very expensive recall operations.

The Remedy Bootloader is simple, fast and efficient. As a user though, you must first setup a bootloader image in the target system which will always be present. It is this image that is used to recover the new program information and actually program the part or copy the program to program memory for execution.

The format of the Remedy Bootloader changes depending on the IDE in question and the features available. For example, on Xilinx Microblaze, the Remedy Bootloader uses s-records while on the Microchip PIC32 it uses hex format. This is a function of the IDE in general.


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