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Remedy OS Viewer

Unison Layers small

The Remedy OS Viewer allows users to examine the state of a UNISON RTOS embedded system. This capability provides the ability to view the following objects:

  • ● All registered objects in the UNISON environment
  • ● Semaphores and their count
  • ● Message queues and their messages
  • ● Mutexes
  • ● Threads and their status including stack usage and current state
  • ● Memory pool status
  • ● Servers (or I/O drivers and stacks plus glue)
  • ● System information


The Remedy OS Viewer is seamlessly integrated into the IDE that it supports. With this seamless integration, updates are made automatically to the information each time a breakpoint is hit. By selectively choosing the information to display, the Remedy OS Viewer is both responsive and informative.

The Remedy OS view is supported on the following list of IDEs:

  • ● Emprog
  • ● IAR
  • ● Keil Realview
  • ● MPLAB
  • ● MPLABX
  • ● HEW
  • ● e2Studio
  • ● Code Composer Studio
  • ● Sourcery Codebench
  • ● KDS
  • ● Xilinx Eclipse
  • ● Microsemi Eclipse


Through the examination of this information, the user can analyze deadlock and critical race conditions, programming errors, queued messages and processing logic. The Remedy OS Viewer is an excellent addition to any debug environment.

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