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Remedy RED

The Remedy RED Analyzer is an analyzer which provides the following features for running embedded POSIX or UNISON applications:

  • ● Remote control features to set target variables and control dynamic event tracing
  • ● Event time based triggering and displays
  • ● Data collection, transfer and display

These three types of analysis features are used to create the Remedy RED Analyzer name.


The Remedy RED Analyzer can be used for a variety of applications. One simple example is tuning control loops:

  • ● Remote control features can be used to set loop tuning parameters
  • ● Event triggering capabilities and event selection features can be used to collect data from the step response
  • ● Data collection features can be used to capture the step response and relay the results to the display workstation for analysis

The remote feature is necessary in this configuration to set control loop variables and eliminate timely recompilation, download and test cycles.


TA second Remedy RED Analyzer application is analyzing complex timing issues. Imagine a system that has a broad set of I/O and rarely has a condition which leads to a system crash. The crash seems random and data collection is difficult. Using the Remedy RED Analyzer, the problem can be traced and a diagnosis made with the following steps:

  • ● First dynamically turn on the trace for the I/O which is most likely to be the problem
  • ● Next setup a trigger event to capture the crash and record the data before the crash
  • ● Let the system run and then crash while the data is recorded
  • ● Examine the crash data and look for clues related to the failure mode
  • ● If the clues are insufficient, expand the scope of the data until enough information is collected for complete analysis

A third example is the understanding of system scheduling behavior. Often, multithreaded designs don't behave as expected. One fo the best means to resolve the operation is simply to record all operating system events in a buffer and then display the trace. The Remedy RED Analyzer will clearly display the time based behavior of the system allowing defects to be isolated quickly and easily.

Remedy RED Analyzer ships with a graphical viewer component and a development only datalogger target component.

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