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MedicalOS is a specific packaging of the UNISON RTOS for Medical Applications and Wearable Medical Devices. MedicalOS components were selected to provide a broad set of features for Medical Applications. With MedicalOS users which are looking for a fast effective solution would not have to complicate and encumber their search with unnecessary components.

The specific requirements for Medical OEM Devices are varied but share common characteristics. These common characteristics are:

  • ● Certifications by country but with common certification recognition;
  • ● Requirements to be certified at level 1, 2 or 3 if it is a medical device;
  • ● Portable, semi-portable or wearable;
  • ● Run from AC or battery or both with a rechargeable battery;
  • ● Collect data including all vital signs and raise out of range alarms;
  • ● Store data;
  • ● Transmit data to other systems;
  • ● Display data locally;
  • ● Analyze data and raise alarms;
  • ● Input parameters and configuration information locally;
  • ● Integrate into other systems;
  • ● Store and dispense medicines of various types;
  • ● Detect motion of various kinds and analyze the motion, taking appropriate action;
  • ● Synchronize time with a reliable source;
  • ● Allow secure remote access for both data access and configuration;
  • ● Be 100% secure; Support wireless communication options for convenience;
  • ● Support wireless communications standards that are suitable for medical environments;
  • ● Offer high reliability where required;
  • ● Support various motor drives;
  • ● Offer motion control support; Integrate various types of rotary positioning devices;
  • ● Support pressure, temperature, video, and other sensors to collect data;
  • ● Offer remote management support;
  • ● And a broad range of other requirements.


Given this set of specification, the following items have been selected to be included in the MedicalOS package:

  • ● UNISON kernel with serial I/O and Fsys file system;
  • ● TCP/ipv4/ipv6
  • ● Advanced networking
  • ● SSH
  • ● SFTP
  • ● SMTP
  • ● SNTP
  • ● SNMP
  • ● MQTT
  • ● CoAP
  • ● Webserver and text browser
  • ● Http/RESTFUL
  • ● Azure IoT
  • ● WiFi
  • ● Bluetooth Classic and Smart/Smartready
  • ● 6loWPAN with 802.15.4 radios
  • ● FATFS with Nor, Nand and eMMC support
  • ● PowerSafe file system
  • ● Secure bootloader
  • ● Graphics options
  • ● Camera and video modules
  • ● Home health care reference design
  • ● Wearables reference design
  • ● All MCU, MPU and FPGA options with any supporting IDE

The set of capabilities provided by MedicalOS are sufficient to design virtually any Medical Device or any Wearable Medical Device with low risk, minimum time to market and minimum life cycle costs.

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