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Busses: I2C, I2S, SPI, PCIe, SDIO

To meet the demands of modern multiple I/O based applications, you need a comprehensive set of busses. These busses are used to connect various peripheral devices to provide optimal I/O devices. Today the core serial busses apart from CAN and USB are SPI, I2C, PCIe, SDIO and I2S.

In the UNISON OS, busses were designed from the ground up to be deployed in critical embedded applications which require either a tiny size, compatibility with other systems, or high streaming capabilities. There is a variety of variants including:

  • ● SPI and SPI variants
  • ● I2C
  • ● PCIe
  • ● I2S
  • ● USB host, USB device, USB On The Go,
  • ● SDIO
  • ● CAN or Controller Area Network

USB host, USB device and USB OTG along with CAN are not discussed here. They are discussed on separate individual pages. For very detailed comments and performance information on any of these busses, please contact the factory for specific details.

SPI drivers for specific microcontrollers (MCUs), microprocessors (MPUs) and FPGA IP blocks are included with the various releases that RoweBots provides. With off the shelf support for SPI, further drivers are implemented which results in off the shelf support for compact flash, SD, uSD and serial Flash. These SPI drivers are part of the core UNISON RTOS and DSPnano RTOS packages.

I2C is a serial control bus often used for displays, A/D converters and other peripheral devices. This library (it is a service not a server) provides thorough support for I2C without limitations which means full multimaster support is included.

Peripheral Component Interface Express (PCIe) is a serial computer peripheral expansion bus. It offers transmission of data at high speed. This capability is used extensively with larger microprocessors (MPUs) and FPGA solutions where significant amounts of data transfer are required. In the UNISON RTOS, this PCIe support for FPGAs and other higher performance devices was integrated with a TCP/IPv4/IPv6 network driver. This approach allows users on either end of the communication channel to send data back and forth using standard sockets while the underlying transport uses PCIe and DMA. Contact the factory for details.

I2S also known as Inter-IC Sound, Integrated Interchip Sound, or IIS is an audio bus standard that is becoming more and more common as audio devices which are linked to phones and tablets become more prominent. It is a serial bus to communicate PCM data between devices. Please contact the factory for an implementation on your specific microcontroller (MCU), microprocessor (MPU) or FPGA.

SDIO is and extension of SD card support into a serial bus to support multiple types of peripherals. It is most common where higher performance is required - on TI OMAP processors for example. Complete support is included in the UNISON RTOS where SDIO support makes sense.

Each of the busses offers standard POSIX interfaces, bus specific specific features and support for a variety of peripherals. Busses: I2C, I2S, SPI, PCIe, SDIO all are supported in the UNISON RTOS in different variants with the details available from the factory.

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