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Graphics support is critical to many applications. RoweBots offers graphics packages which provides a comprehensive feature set along with seamless UNISON integration for color touch panels and other graphics interfaces.  Due to the wide range of system resources that the various UNISON Operating System supports, various graphics packages are recommended from RoweBots or from other vendors.

QT has been integrated into the UNISON RTOS for use with microprocessors.  It offers a full complement of 2D and 3D effects and generally supports the available graphics and video accelerators which are available.  If you have demanding video, graphics and phone applications, QT is an ideal means to ensure portability of your application.  

Graphics libraries from various vendors are integrated into UNISON to provide graphics support which offers the capabilities to develop annimated color touch panel interfaces and other similar displays. With seamless integration and off the shelf demos, users can quickly understand the featurs of these libraries and quickly develop new and powerful user interfaces. Typical packages include:

  • high color depth applications
  • which may require multiple canvases,
  • integrated alpha blending,
  • multilingual support,
  • and animation support.

Refer to the specific product offering data sheets for more details on the libraries. The remainder of this page will focus on graphics libraries and their integration into the UNISON OS.

UNISON is also compatible with various other 3rd party graphics libraries.  Some of these are quite inexpensive and do not require per unit royalties while others offer a much better story telling capability.   Most notable among these offerings are:  Crank Software's Storyboard, and IBIS Solution Apps  easyGui.


Standard semiconductor vendor's graphics libraries are integrated and ready to use. Although this approach may lack some advanced features, for many screen designs for microcontrollers and simple microprocessor graphics, this is more than adequate. Vendor libraries work at the full 32 bit color depth though and this creates tradeoffs in terms of hardware cost at some times. Overall though, today the cost of the implementation and elimination of the expensive 3rd party graphics libraries offset each other making an enhanced user interface more affordable.

Use the integrated graphics libraries for UNISON and enhance your graphics performance and your user experience immediately.

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