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Networking Protocols

Networking Protocols are integral to many embedded designs. RoweBots offers a comprehensive set of networking protocols to enable designers to quickly and easily create their applications.

The following diagram shows the various Networking Protocols that RoweBots offers including the low level connection options to radios, sensor networks and cell phones.

The higher level application protocols provide services which run over either sockets or ssl/tls. The addition of ssl/tls adds a security layer to the system. It is not available for all application protocols.  In fact the RoweBots Networking Protocls offer complete integrated security offerings as an integral part of the UNISON RTOS.  This ensures that your data is secure regardless of the means taken to break into your system, as long as you adhere to standard security practices.

The sockets applications programming interface provides isolation from the underlying TCP and UDP features, allowing al the network calls to be done using standard POSIX interface calls which are well known and proven. Standard tests exist for this interface to ensure that you never have a problem with any of the comprehensive set of options.

The next layer in the system provides the various components in the main TCP/UDP/IP networking stack. It includes various versions of IGMP and ICMP depending on the use of IPv4 or IPv6. Protocols like NAT are only used by IPv4 while both IPv4 and IPv6 use filtering which essentially provides a firewall capability.

The lowest level in the system describes both the ethernet based interfaces to send out iP packets and the serial equivalent approach to send out serial based IP packets in either asynchronous character or HDLC format. Note that various wireless and wireline interfaces are possible for each.

The high level protocols shown in the diagram support everything from secure file transfer, a tiny web server and a text oriented web browser to advanced IoT protocols such as MQTT.  This collection of high level protcols allows you to quickly develop your application, which is your value added, without any concerns for the reliability, security or availability of the functionality in a timely fashion.   In short, it lets you get your product to market quickly, with low risk and at a very low cost.  
The Internet of Things protocols which have been added to this list include the following: MQTT, HTTP/RESTFUL, CoAP, DDS, and Azure IoT with more on the way.  These protocols provide cloud connectivity or connectivity to build larger higher performance distributed systems.  With off the shelf protocols for these features, products can be immediately connected to the cloud with scalabilty options and user interaction directly to a local web server or through a large web server.  Building IoT products has never been easier with the UNISON networking protocols.

General Internet Protocols

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