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VehicleOS is a unique packaging of the UNISON RTOS to address the needs of Mobile Internet of Things OEM developers. By packaging the UNISON RTOS to meet these specific needs, users can eliminate many options and understand how UNISON RTOS can help them much more quickly.

 The Mobile Internet of Things has unique challenges. These challenges are: 

  • ● Low power consumption when the vehicle is off;

  • ● M2M links using satellite or cellular network support;

  • ● Efficient use of bandwidth over satellite networks;

  • ● Bluetooth communication for hands free driving and other applications;

  • ● WiFi communication for in vehicle browsing;

  • ● DSRC radio support for traffice management;

  • ● CAN bus to integrate devices into the operating vehicle;

  • ● Sensor support including cameras and video, temperature, pressure, altitude, and many more;

  • ● Graphics output in various forms;

  • ● Digital and analog controls I/O;

  • ● Interfaces to support automated driver assistance devices;

  • ● Actuator control;

  • ● Rotary position measurement;

  • ● Acoustic measurement and generation;

  • ● Real-time response;

  • ● Vibration;

  • ● Jerk, acceleration, velocity and position measurement;

  • ● Weight, stress, strain;

  • ● Motor control;

  • ● Motion control;

  • ● And more.


The VehicleOS version of the UNISON RTOS has the ability to interface to sensors to deliver all that is required to build Mobile Internet of Things devices. From satellite receives to driver assistance devices, from tiny MCUs for lock control to multicore MPUs for vision analysis, VehicleOS has the components that you need to build your product quickly with low risk while minimizing total cost of ownership.

The VehicleOS package includes the following UNISON RTOS packages:


      • UNISON kernel with serial I/O and Fsys file system;
      • TCP/ipv4/ipv6

      • Advanced networking

      • MQTT

      • CoAP

      • Webserver and text browser

      • Http/RESTFUL

      • Azure IoT

      • WiFi

      • Bluetooth Classic and Smart/Smartready

      • 6loWPAN with 802.15.4 radios

      • FATFS with Nor, Nand and eMMC support

      • PowerSafe file system

      • TLS / IPSec

      • SSH

      • SFTP

      • SMTP

      • SNTP

      • SNMP

      • Secure bootloader

      • Graphics options

      • Camera and video modules

      • All MCU, MPU and FPGA options with any supporting IDE


The set of capabilities provided by VehicleOS are sufficient to design most vehicle based systems today. New capabilities are always being added to provide the features that you require for future products. With VehicleOS, virtually any Mobile Internet of Things device can be quickly implemented with low risk, minimum time to market and minimum life cycle costs

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