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Wireless small The UNISON RTOS is ideally suited to be used in the design and implementation of wearables or wearable devices. For this reason there is a special packaging of the Unsion RTOS called WearableOS. WearableOS provides the specific packages that are needed for an OEM developer to develop a new wearable device which is connected wirelessly.

WearableOS is intended to address the subset of the Home and Consumer Internet of Things devices where the devices are actually attached to the user or held by the user to operate them. For example, a smart watch is a wearable device and the UNISON OS based WearableOS would be an appropriate platform. By the same token, a clock in your home would typically use a less focused UNISON OS package which is optimized for Home and Consumer goods.

WearableOS includes many components as shown in the diagram below. It includes operating system components to address all the various challenges that a wearable designer will face as well as the tools that users need to get to market quickly and at low cost in this rapidly changing area.

The first consideration for a wearable is “how am I connected”. The reason for this is that most wearables lack sufficient display and keyboard / interaction mechanisms to be self contained. By connecting to a smart phone or a computer (either local or in the cloud), the device becomes much more interactive and it can then support other subsequent connections and features. WearableOS has a broad set of connection options for sensors and communication nodes.

Another key consideration in the design of a wearable is power consumption. Batteries have limited energy and often this is a limiting factor for portability. By carefully crafting the design to minimize power using the UNISON WearableOS, the extra battery life or lower weight can be an important differentiator. For this reason UNISON WearableOS contains power management features.

A third consideration for wearables is that there could be multiple wearable devices per person and with many billion people on the planet, the potential number of connected devices is very large. If we connect these devices to the cloud for analytic purposes, can we scale to support billions of users? UNISON WearablesOS includes features to link into the cloud and scale to tens of millions of units based on publish / subscribe / read / write capabilities.

For all but the most specialized wearables, wireless support is mandatory. The UNISON WearableOS package offers a range of wireless connectivity options depending on the system design. Most often Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used because it provides a direct phone connection with fast connections and low power. Other options such as Bluetooth Classic are required for full audio communications while video requires WiFi and low data rate sensors can use 6loWPAN/802.15.4. Even 2G/3G/4G are available. UNISON WearableOS has all the off the shelf wireless support that you need to get up and going immediately.

Display and input for wearables is challenging as mentioned above. WearableOS has graphics options and input options available to easily get your human interface operational quickly. Touch support and button support can be used and scrolling options exist. Voice input and output is also an option with speech recognition options avalable.  UNISON WearableOS has most of what you need for I/O off the shelf. The UNISON WearableOS also comes with a completely functional watch example. Using out of the box evaluation hardware, and free trial software, you can assemble your own watch in minutes and have it fully interactive with your Android smartphone (future iPhone support). Call or email us today to get a prototype watch kit now.

WearableOS offers complete and proven features for all your wearaalbe designs right off the shelf - download it now.

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