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Support and Maintanence is an integral part of the UNISON RTOS, UNISON packaged products such as ConsumerOS, MedicalOS, WearableOS, VehicleOS, and our development services. The support team puts its expertise in RoweBots' products at the customer's disposal and is committed to helping customers increase the value of OEM products. Our highly experienced team offers timely & complete support services by email, chat and voice depending upon your service requirements.

Silver Support

  • ● E-Mail support
  • ● Free binary software upgrades

Gold Support

  • ● E-Mail support
  • ● Free binary software upgrades
  • ● Chat-based support from 8AM EDT to 6PM PDT Monday-Saturday
  • ● One business day e-mail response time guaranteed

Platinum Support

  • ● E-Mail support
  • ● Free binary software upgrades
  • ● Chat-based support from 10AM CET to 4PM EST Monday-Friday
  • ● One business day e-mail response time guaranteed
  • ● Phone support at +1 519 279 4600 from 9AM EDT to 4PM EDT Monday to Friday excluding American and Canadian statutory holidays

Our support team believes in total customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on understanding the customer needs and the gap between current perspectives on product functionality and performance and where customers believe we should be. We deliver successful projects with our support services.

Each RoweBots product has a slightly different set of support requirements. RoweBots recognizes this and separates out support programs for different products into DSPnano and UNISON. Each program recognizes the goals of the customer and the demands that using the particular product for a particular application places on their teams. Support is tailored to users needs for each product to reduce costs by exactly matching customer needs. Please refer to each product support description for the details of support on each product at each support level.

Support for each level, Silver, Gold and Platinum, is sold by the hour in blocks of 10 hours. This approach ensures that you pay for the support that you need and no more. Annual support contracts for help are not required and generally reduce long term maintenance costs. Please contact us for a quote.

Maintenance, separate from support, provides product upgrades. These product upgrades are billed at a percentage of the cost of the licenses purchased per year. Today this percentage is 12%. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Support to get all product examples running on the off the shelf supported hardware is included for all customers at no cost. Costs for any defect repairs are paid by RoweBots provided a small working example showing the defect is provided. Additional support must be purchased in blocks of 10 hours or maintenance upgrades must be purchased if they repair the defects in question.

RoweBots comprehensive support and maintenance ensures that you have the help that you require in a timely fashion - call us for a quote today.

Rowebots Limited

RoweBots was founded in May 1987 by a group of Univer­sity researchers. From the outset, RoweBots had its roots in real-time multiprocessor software and has broadened into an embedded signal processing systems company today.

+1 (519) 279 4600

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