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Training courses for the UNISON RTOS in its various packaged configurations and with the various modules are offered on your site based on a fixed price for up to 12 students. These courses are 50% theory and 50% hands on typically. RoweBots offers a variety of training courses to meet the specific demands of your staff and projects and we customize each set of courses to your specific needs.

Having training courses on your site minimizes overall costs and supports training for an entire team. Training courses can also be done on another agreed upon site, typically merging teams from smaller companies. Timing for merged courses is critical and often this is not an option. Please contact us to discuss these options.

All RoweBots training courses are at least 50% hands on. The focus is experiential learning. Typical training courses are as follows:

  • ● The UNISON Operating System.
  • ● UNISON and Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication.
  • ● UNISON and Security Protocols.
  • ● Power Supply Control Software Configuration.
  • ● Understanding and Porting Motor Control Algorithms.
  • ● Graphics and Video Interfaces.
  • ● TCP/IPv4/IPv6 operation and configuration.
  • ● USB embedded host and device operation and configuration.
  • ● File Systems for different applications. FAT, Nand, Nor, PowerSafe.
  • ● Wireless implementations using Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, GPRS, LTE and 6loWPAN.

For training course details, please contact us, as all courses are modified to precisely fit the audience.

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RoweBots was founded in May 1987 by a group of Univer­sity researchers. From the outset, RoweBots had its roots in real-time multiprocessor software and has broadened into an embedded signal processing systems company today.

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