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This section details RoweBots Internet of Things or IoT Reference Designs for designers and makers. These devices are not just components though, they are functional devices that have enough structure and operational software to actually fully demonstrate how an end device will work. They work with off the shelf hardware with a minimal amount of the hardware from RoweBots and RoweBots software in a format suitable for extension and customization.

All of these IoT Reference Designs for IoT devices come with schematics, gerbers, source code for the application, and binary libraries and applications to actually develop your own application on the device. You may find a free IDE with the reference design depending on the vendor that provides the MCU or MPU.

To commercialize the device, you simply have to develop your application using the existing software components and framework, respin the current or modified schematics, do mechanical and aesthetic design. This approach offers a substantially lower time to market and an insignificant investment in software and electronics to actually arrive at a commercially viable device with your own branding.

Now you are ready to deliver product to customers and raise more development money. At this point you will have to obtain deployment licenses for the components of the UNISON WearableOS that you have included. For a volume product, the cost of these licenses will be insignificant in the cost per unit.

As new reference designs become available, RoweBots will add them to the web pages in this section. Our first offering is a UNISON WearableOS Watch design. Contact us for more details on any reference design.

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