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Home & Consumer Devices

Home and consumer devices can take many forms, but really fall into a few categories depending on the wireless or wired connection chosen for the device.  The UNISON RTOS ConsumerOS package of software modules has broad wireless capabilities and as a result is suitable to design and develop categories in any of these device classes.

  • ● Home security devices like cameras are good example of home devices that require high bandwidth connections and wide area connections.  Typically these devices use 2G/3G/LTE and now 4G/LTE-A along with WiFi to support security cameras.  The cellular connection allows these cameras to remain operational when the local network connection is severed.  Often they utilize MPU technologies.  The UNISON RTOS and ConsumerOS fully support these protocols and devices including integrated video and graphics support using standard cameras and QT graphics.
  • ● Any phone enabled control for your home will typically use either Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Smart / LE or WiFi.  These devices don't necessarily require all the bandwidth but control from a phone is a key feature and phones have these connectivity options.  Examples are things like very intelligent PC game controllers, virtual reality or augmented reality accessories and entertainment system control and accessories like headphones.  Devices are typically MCU based and truly home and consumer items.  The UNISON RTOS ConsumerOS fully supports these protocols and devices.
  • ● Home sensors and sensor controllers that have low data requirements such as lighting or perature measurement are migrating to 6loWPAN which provides IPv6 support over 802.15.4 radios.  It is also used by CoAP.  UNISON RTOS Consumer OS fully supports this type of low bandwidth sensor type applications.  

Come back and visit soon, RoweBots is planning three reference designs, one in each of these areas.   ConsumerOS and the UNISON RTOS can help you quickly and easily deliver custom products in this area while minimizing your total cost of ownership and maximizing product quality.

The UNISON RTOS ConsumerOS offers a full set of capabilities to provide advanced devices in this area based on MCU and MPU technologies.  A full set of:

  • ● IoT protocols,
  • ● networking protocols,
  • ● wireless protocols,
  • ● file systems,
  • ● a database,
  • ● QT,
  • ● and other graphics technologies, ensure you have everything that you need to easily construct your required applications using the new ConsumerOS variant of the UNISON RTOS.

Note that the UNISON RTOS ConsumerOS configuration has other subsets which deal with more specialized applications such as wearable devices.   The WearableOS packaging of the UNISON RTOS is actually a subset of the ConsumerOS packaging.  

ConsumerOS is available today - contact us now to discuss ConsumerOS further and get a free trial.

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