UNISON Embedded Development Tools

RoweBots provides a comprehensive collection of Embedded Development Tools:

  • Remedy Bootloader for remote downloading and reflashing devices in the field
  • Remedy OS Viewer
  • Remedy Remote Event and Data Analyzer called Remedy RED
  • a set of Remedy Checking tools

Remedy Bootloader - Easy Updates and Advanced Protection

The Remedy Bootloader provides convenient ways to update firmware on your MCU using any of the interfaces listed below:
● Flash
● SD card
● Network
The Remedy Bootloader lets you protect your firmware by encrypting your binary files using AES-128/256

Remedy RTOS Viewer - Easy Error Tracking

The RTOS Viewer is the plug-in for the integrated development environment (IDE)—both for Eclipse-based IDEs and for IAR Embedded Workbench. It makes your debugging easier by letting you view the current state of all RTOS components, such as:
● threads,
● mutexes,
● semaphores,
● message queues,
● messages,
● condition variables,
● barriers,
● rendezvous states,
● timers and timeouts,
● servers,
● environment variables,
● memory partitions,
● stack information,
● statistics

It also provides this information in a convenient graphical form.

Remedy RED - Logging to Analyze

The Remedy RED Analyzer features three types of analysis: Remote control features to set target variables and control dynamic event tracing, Event time-based triggering and displays, and Data collection, transfer and display.
Remedy RED provides you with logging of all system events, including:
● threads
● mutexes
● semaphores
● and others
You can also add custom events for logging – this will allow you to analyze the work of both the RTOS and your application. Remedy RED has 2 working modes:
● saving the file on your device
● saving the file on a remote server via the network, which gives you the ability to remotely access system logs.

Remedy Checking Tools

The Remedy Checking Tools are available at run time to check the stack high water mark and processor utilization. Demonstration examples are included with the standard kernel release along with the tools.